How to Get a Ripped Beach Body

Step 4: The Best Workout Plan: Putting it all Together

So in this step I will summarize the process of going from out-of shape to having a great looking beach body.

The first priority is to get lean. This means creating a caloric deficit by eating less food and exercisisng more (but eating less is muhc more effective!) in order to burn the excess body fat until you have a flat stomaxh and no excess fat around the waist.

The benefits of doing this first thing are numerous but the two main ones are that you will look decent year -round and will have higher testosterone lelves (so this means more muscle) because with less body fat you will have less estrogen (this fmeale hormone deceasess with less fat storage).

Next, you will build your upper body up. The reasons for this is that with a small waist (from getting lean) and developed upper body - the shouldersr, chest, upper back and arms, you will have the v-shape "golden ratio" body characteritic of classic ancien statues and modern Hollywood actors.

To build your upper body the right way, you will be alternating density (strength) and size (quick growth) training.

The two benefits of doing so are that you will avoid a plateau in your workout (no results!) and get dense and hard, yet big enought muscles when you alternate lower reps (density) and higher reps (quick size) training.

Here's how the process looks:

There's a cool trick you can use in order to make your skin extra tight so your muscles popo. You might want to use this trick to prepare for a vacation or another special event.

With this trick, you stretegically diet and alternate density and size training to maximize your muscularity.

Rusty Moore, a renegade fitness author, wrote a free step-by-step blueprint which does an awesome job explaining this strategy. You can download it below.


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Like me, Rusty is a big proponent of alternating density and size training for achieving the best possible muscular development. He has created a workout system that focuses on the two types of muscle growth in a stretegic manner.

He created a workout plan, Visual Impact, with which you will not only get bigger, harder and denser muscles, but also can use his cool method of strategically training for size and strength in order to tighten up the skin around your muscles.

Click Here to Check Out the Visual Impact Workout

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