Body Weight Workout to Lose Fat

How to Train for Fat Loss with Your Body Weight Only in the Comfort of Your Home... No Gym or Equipment Required!

So there are many ways to train for fat loss. The main thing is to achieve a coloric deficit in some way. This means eating less than what you are burning in your daily acivities and workouts.

Fatloss workouts, in addition to eating slightly less, have two benefits when done right.

One, you can get away with eating somewhat normal amounts of food and still loseweight. If you only decrease your food without training, you gotta eat pretty low calories to drop body fat.

The second benefit, is that the right fat loss workout will preserve your lean tissue, keeping you looking athletic and toned after you lose the excess weight.


For the best effect, a workout will do the trick, as long as it makes you huff and puff and usess your body's biomechanics in the right way.

This means accounting for proper form, proper posture and balanced whole body training.

Why body weight circuit training workouts?

Circuit training has been around for many decades as possibly the most effective way to condition the body and drop body fat at the same time.

The idea is simple: do 6-10 exercises covering the whole body one after the other without rest. When you finish the last exercise, you rest for a minut or two and then start over 1-3 more rounds.

Circuit training has been used by Soviet training experts and American fitness gurus like Vince Gironda (who used it to whip Hollywood actors in shape) to burn bodyfat on demand.

And fast!

The benefit of doing the circuits with body weight only instead of with machines in a gym:

  • Save money for gym membership/home equipment
  • Save time for traveling to the gym
  • Better posture - every single body weight exercises trains the body the way it's meant to function
  • More fatloss - because you can do more of these workouts (every day, twice a day, etc)

The best workout in terms of results... the one you are going to stick to, because you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Here's an example of such a workout - body weight circuit that you can do in your berdroom in the morning or evening or even in your hotel room while you travel.



  1. Y Squats - 15 repetitions
  2. Regular Push-ups - 15 repetitions
  3. Bodyweight Lunges - 12 to 15 repetitions
  4. Decline Push-ups - 15 repetitions
  5. Jumping Jacks - 60 repetitions (here reps are higher because the move is easier)
  6. Mountain Climbers - 15 repetitions

Do the exercises with no rest between. After you are done with all six exerices, rest for one minute and repeat 1-3 times for a total of 2 to 4 circuits.

Note: You can start with only one circuit per workout and add another round when you are ready. Also - if some of the exercises are too difficult, reduce the number of repetiions until it gets easier - for example 5 or 10 instead of 12-15 repetitions.

Also for girls and pushups - start on your knees at first. To scale up - add circuts or reps (total of 20 reps per exercise is still ok)

About Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballntyne is a Canadian Fitness author and personal traininer with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology froom the University of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada.

He has been a Fitness advisor for Men's Health magazine and has authored several fat loss books and workout manuals.

Craig Ballantyne

Above to the left, Craig - author of the above workout, and a fellow labrador owner with his puppy on an early morning walk.

To the right, Craig on one of his crazy adventures posing on top of a fighter plane he got to fly!

The thing I like about his bodyweight workouts is that they allow you to be independent from a gym - you can literally fly all over the world like Craig does and workout in your hotel room - or outside with your puppy!

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