How to Get a Ripped Beach Body

Step 3: Guaranteed Workout Results by Building the Right Kind of Muscle

So people fail to get the workout results they are after for three main reasons. The first reason is that they lack a general plan and don't focus in their workout towards the achievement of a workout goal.

Just "winging it" doesn't work when trying to change your body with weight training. So people would generally see a slight change in their body after the first few weeks or couple of months and then the routine would stop working.

There other people who seem to progress a bit, but their bodies either lack the full "muscular look" or theiy get bigger muscles which are kind of "puffy looking" and lack hardness and density.

Varying Rep Ranges to Target the Two Types of Muscle Growth

The simples way to fix all three of these problems is to change up your the routine every 4 to 8 weeks by varying the rep ranges and in this way targetting the two main types of muscle growth.

So muscles can grow in two ways. The muscle fibers themselves can grow. This makes the muscles hard, dense and strong. Olympic weighlifters have this kind of muscle growth. The only problem is that this type of growth is very, very slow.

To get a fix of "quicker results" you must also train for a period of time in order to expand the nutrient content of the muscles. In this way you wil not be getting significantly stronger, but the muscles will change their appearence very quickly.

The problem here is the lack of density and hardness as well as the plateu that you are bound to hit sooner or later. To combat both these problems, simply rotate between training for density and training for quick size every few weeks.

Above you can see the two types of muscle growth. The first illustration is the untrained muscle. The second illustration shows - the quick growth of the muscle by targetting an increase in the nutrient content. The lastpciture shows the dense muscle growth with an increase in the actual muscle fibers.

I learned about these two types of muscle growth from the book Power to the People. written by Pavel Tsatsouline, an ex-Soviet Special Forces Training Instructor.

How to Train for Hardness and Density

In order to train for density, you will need to focus on maximal muscular tension in your muscles. So each rep will be done with focus on contracting the muscle. You can imagine that each repetition is an individual set.

Don't rush and pump. Focus and contract hard. The rest periods between sets are generally longer 2-3 minutes. You will do 2-6 repetitions (so pick a weight that doesn't allow you to do more) per set.

How to Train for Quick Growth

In order to train for quick growth, the key is fatiguing the muscle. The rest periods between sets are generally shorter - less than 90 seconds. Each repetition is done in a pumping, rhythmical manner. This is in contrast to the density workout where you focus and contract hard

You will do 7 to 12 reps in 3 to 4 sets with 2-3 exercises for each body part. So each body part will be trained around once per week.

A Free Video Explaining the Two Types of Muscle Growth

Here's a great video (scroll down and watch Video #2) explaining the two types of muscle growth and why we need to train for both.

And in step 4 I will show you how to put this how process together and how to "fine tune" your new muscular body for spectacular results.

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