4 Dangerous Mistakes People Make With The Full Contact Twist

In the last post I introduced to you the full contact twist and shared a couple of tips on technique and proper form. In this post I want to point out a few mistakes that I’ve seen people make when I teach them the full contact twist. Mistakes are a normal part of the learning process but it is important to learn a safe and effective technique for each exercise.

We don’t want to hurt ourselves. What follows is a selection of videos I found online with people demonstrating the drill. If one of these videos is yours, apologies for using it as a *bad example* – I only want to help people get strong and stay safe.

Mistake #1 – Extending The Arms

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Building Muscle – Alternate Training for Size and Working for Strength And Never Hit a Plateau Again

There has been a trend in the recent years towards the so-called functional training. It emphasizes training the body so that it performs better in sport activities and life in general. As with many trends sometimes the pendulum swings too far in one direction. What I mean is that after fitness training for decades meant working purely for size and aesthetics with a split training routine, now the completely opposite thing is in style.

 The Olden Ways Of Bodybuilding

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Bench Press More – Give Me 12 Days And I Will Make You Stronger

Have you ever noticed how when you first join a gym it is easy to get stronger, add weight and do more reps on each subsequent workout? But a few weeks or a few months later, your progress comes to a halt. You keep pushing the same amount of weight and keep struggling at the same number of repetitions.

This is what I experienced when I first became serious about working out 8 years ago. I wouldn’t miss workouts and yet I seemed to be stuck. In fact, I keep seeing the guys at the gym struggling to change their bodies OR get stronger.

Truth is, I see this at most of the gyms I visit when I have to workout somewhere else. The cost of all this is not only that people fail to get their dream bodies, you know, the type of physiques that inspired them to start training, but also quit working out altogether.

You Don’t Have to Quit

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Beginner Strength Training – Build Bigger Muscles Fast With The Strength And Size Full Body Workout

I will be real here. The beginner strength training workout is not the only routine I’ve trained with. And, this is not the workout I have started training with. Having said that however, this is the workout I currently do and I would recommend to anybody that is a beginner or intermediate, because it produces the fastest progress thus the fastest results. I will write more about what physical goals you need to surpass in order to advance past intermediate status.

Beginner, Intermediate Or Advanced?

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