To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. –Buddha

Relative Strength Advantage is about living life in a lean, athletic, fit body. Our mission is closer to the physical culture ideals of the ancient Greeks and Romans than to the example set by the bulky, steroid abusing bodybuilders of today.

My name is Yavor and I am the writer and creator of this site. I also happen to be a professional personal trainer among other things.

I have a simple formula for getting the body you want. The formula is this:

Get strong and control your body weight.

That’s it.

The articles on the site get into greater detail on how to do these two things: get strong and lose fat to control how much you weigh.

My Story

As a kid and all throughout high school I was what you’d call “skinny fat” – meaning that I had trouble putting on muscle and wasn’t really lean. The lean part changed when I started playing basketball but the muscle part… well this wouldn’t change until I got serious about weight training at the age of 20 nine years ago.

A few years later I joined as a trainer the premier personal training gym in Bulgaria, a fitness studio dedicated to helping regular people get strong, lean and athletic bodies… and professional athletes excel at their sports.

The Training Approach I’ve Perfected…

So through lots of trial and error I found ways to get strong and muscular as well as lean, even when your body tries to fight against it. Here is a summery of my approach to fitness.

  • The best way to get a great body is to increase your strength and control your body weight – either maintaining it or decreasing it. Here is an article I wrote about this approach How to Train for a Great Body
  • I believe that pound for pound strength, or the ratio between your muscular strength or power and your bodyweight is a true measure of athleticism… coincidentally guys and gals with great pound for pounds strength look the best – think athletes, surfers, beach volleyball players.
  • I don’t endorse bulking and cutting. My approach is to get lean first and stay lean. You should never ever get fat on purpose.
  • The best way to control your bodyweight and get lean is to decrease the food you eat. It is far easier to eat a little bit less than to try to out-exercise the food you eat. Eating less is the best diet approach I’ve found.
  • I love body weight exercises such as chin-ups and pull-ups because you can’t get good at them if you are fat. Gaining scale weight and at the same time getting better at such an exercise guarantees that what you gain is muscle – not fat!
  • Body weight workouts have another advantage – they can be used to burn additional calories and aid in getting lean through eating less. At the same time these exercises promote joint health, flexibility and proper posture.

Get In Fantastic Shape Without Becoming a “Gym Person”

As I wrote I’ve faced the challenges of being “skinny fat” so I know what works, and what is just a waste of your time.

I believe that the best body is not the body of a bodybuilder, though I commend their dedication, but a body that looks athletic, muscular and lean at the beach but just “normal” in street clothes.

Where I live there are a lot of bulky gym people walking the streets and I personally think that they look stupid out of a gym setting. I believe there’s more to life than walking around looking like a bouncer.

There’s more to life than fitness! I feel it is silly to deny yourself going out, meeting for drinks with friends or even eating cake at birthdays!

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Good luck,

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Katie,

    welcome to the site! I really like that you’ve given yourself a goal (bikini body) and a deadline (summer of 2011) in your fitness path!


  2. I really like your website and find it very informative. Thanks for all your effort. One thing I wish you would discuss is soreness/injury. I have been working out for the past year (with machines) and I have developed a soreness in my elbows that hurts when I try to do any resistance exercises that use my arms. A trainer at the gym suggested it was tendons. My question is when is it okay to push through pain/soreness and when should you rest?? Thanks.

  3. Hi Gary,

    when the pain (soreness) is in the tendons and not the actual muscle, you should rest. Light exercise is good for muscle soreness – but avoid the exercise that caused a tendon injury.

    Tendons, due to lack of blood supply, heal longer. Your injury is most likely due to doing a triceps exercise that isolates the elbow joint. You need to be careful with those. Another possibility would that you were doing pullups on a pullup assisted machine and you were going down too fast.

    At any rate – stop doing the exercise that injured you until it heals.



  4. Yavor –

    When are you going to update your website dude ? 😉

    Quick question: if a trainee has yet to master a sophisticated movement, like the pistol squat, but also wants to lose weight and increase endurance, would you recommend prioritizing the pistol in the workout THEN finishing off with a bodyweight circuit ?


  5. Dale, for the pistol the best approach is to “grease the groove” – do it as often as possible (begin with lowering under control). So practice it 5-6 days per week, at least 2x per day (morning and evening).

    If you do it just during the workout – then yes, pistol first, then body weight circuit, then if you still have time either 40-60 min of walking or a cardio machine (bike, eliptical,etc). And of course you need to eat less (this is is the MOST important thing for weight loss).

  6. continue with the the good work on the site. Do like it! Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i’m quite sure you got some better stuff to do like we all have to do unfortunately.

  7. Hey, Yavor!

    I’m writing to let you know I really enjoyed reading your post, “Gaining Muscle By Stuffing Yourself Like A Pig Is A Stupid Idea”. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that excessive bulking is pointless because it leaves you looking fat and feeling like crap.

    In fact, I liked your site so much that I added it to my roundup of top 10 blogs for men. You can check it out here:


    I’d love to get your opinion on it!



    P.S. I couldn’t find your contact info so I thought I’d leave a comment 😉

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