Recommended Workout and Diet Programs – Only the Best

I have selected these workout programs and diet plans because of the outstanding value they provide. They are only the best programs I’ve personally reviewed or used.

I’ve known and corresponded with the trainers and scientists behind these programs and can assure you that only the most outstanding programs are featured here.

I don’t buy into hype. You can trust that these resources deliver when you put in the work yourself.

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Men’s Fitness

Visual Impact Muscle Building

by Rusty Moore

This is a one of kind workout system designed to help you build a lean and muscular body. You will look great with your shirt off, but with your shirt on you will still be able to wear cool clothes – so you won’t look like a bulky bodybuilder or “bouncer.”

The workout is ideal for beginner or intermediate guys. It’s got a training phase focused on getting your muscles bigger as well as a phase focused on getting them harder and more defined.

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Women’s Fitness

Visual Impact for Women

by Rusty Moore

This a workout program for women who want to be slim and fit, but don’t want to look like they are going to the gym.

Too many trainers make the mistake of training their female clients as if they were men. Some women don’t want muscular arms or having their jeans become tighter.

Visual impact for women is for you, if you want to get tighter and slimmer, but NOT bulkier. To be fit, but still look stunning in a dress.

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Home Fitness

Convict Conditioning

by Paul Wade

Coach Wade’s book on getting bigger and stronger with simple body weight exercise progressions is simply the best training manual of its kind I have read.

I have amassed a ton of training materials in my library, so choosing just one course to recommend when it comes to getting bigger and stronger is a tough choice.

For anybody interested in body weight training Convict Conditioning is a must.

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