How to Train for a Great Body

If you want to get a great body, there are a few things that you need to know. Specifically, I am going to discuss how to alter the proportions of your physique as proportions are what make a body nice to look at.

The proportions of the male and the female body are quite different and for that reason there are some differences in the way man and women need to train. Also, while weight management for men and women are pretty much the same, the role of strength training for men and for women is completely different.

In men the goal of strength training should be to alter the proportions in order to make the shoulder region more powerful looking. In women, strength training will only make the body – torso and limbs – firmer and the posture better. Women do not need to change their body shape. A healthy girl at 16 has all the body development she will ever need.

The Goal Of Strength Training For Men

If you are a man, you would look great if you had broad shoulders and a smaller waist. The way to accomplish this is to get strong enough in order to develop the muscles of the upper body and to keep the body weight down in order to keep the waist small.

Ancient Greek and Roman Statues

Check Out the small waist and broad shoulders. Ironically the first physical culture enthusiasts at the turn of the 20th century were inspired by these statues even though the the physiques of the modern bodybuilders are way too massive to pass off as art. Eugene Sandow, one of the pioneers of bodybuilding actually measured the proportions of the Greek and Roman statues and strove to develop a physique resembling them.

Getting Stronger – Here’s How To Do It

  • Train consistently. Getting stronger takes time. If you stop or just train from time to time, you are not likely to succeed. The body is very adaptive both to stress and to the lack of it. If you are not training, you will not progress.
  • Train with a correct form. You need to challenge your body systematically. It is like a machine with levers and in order to train correctly and produce the necessary force, these levers have to be in the right alignment.
  • Alternate between strength and size workouts.Switching the two workout styles ensures continuous progress. One of my favorite workouts that uses this a approach and is laser focused at a visually appealing body is Visual Impact

Weight Management

This brings me to the next important concept. In order for the proportions to be at their best, the body weight needs to be close to the natural body weight for your particular body type and height. As an example, athletes, both male and female, who compete in events that have weight classes, display the most aesthetically pleasing physiques.

Boxers And Wrestlers Look Sleek And Athletic

They need to be light and thus they . Competitors from the absolute categories do not need to have their weight controlled and while they may be powerful and successful in their sport, their heavier body weight might mean that their hips and waists are too big as compared to their shoulders.

eugene sandow body proportions
[Eugene Sandow does resemble a statue in a way. This kind of muscular development is a result of significant increases in strength.

Weight management comes down to how much energy you burn and how much energy you take in. If you find a way to burn more or eat less, you will be able to stay at a lower body weight and have your proportions in check. This is what being in shape is ultimately about.

I personally follow the Eat Stop Eat diet plan – the simplest weight control plan I’ve encountered. For the past 2 years it has allowed me to maintain my body weight as I desire, without giving up ANY of my favorite foods.

Photo by jmaximo