Intermittent Fasting – Does It Make You Weaker in the Gym?

It is a Monday morning, just got back from a walk in the cold with my Labrador Lucky. Over the weekend I had some time to catch up on my reading. I decided to motivate myself a little more for my fat loss transformation by rereading Brad Pilon’s Intermittent Fasting Book as it is an integral part of my plan.

One of the cool things I was reminded about fasting is that you can workout while you are doing it. In fact, Brad not only recommends that you workout three times during the week when fasting, but also adds that you can train on days that you fast without problem.

Do We Need Would Pre-Workout Shakes?

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Barbell Deadlift – How to Train Correctly to Get a Strong Back and Avoid Injuries

Everybody keeps writing that the barbell deadlift is the king of exercises and that no other exercise will task your body so much. I agree and that’s why the exercise has a place in the Beginner Strength Training Full Body Workout. Even so, if you don’t learn to perform the barbell deadlift correctly, two things might happen.

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How to Squat Correctly for Size and Strength

The barbell squat is the first exercise in the Beginner Strength Training Full body Workout. In order to progress and avoid injuries, it is imperative that you perform the exercise with correct technique. What the exercise will give you is not big legs, but overall strength throughout the body. To get big legs from squats you have to squat very heavy.
[In the video I did not take the bar from a squat rack, but you should not do it like me. Instead, start the exercise properly from a squat rack.]

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Eat Stop Eat – How to Lose Fat and Preserve Your Muscles Without Traditional Dieting

I found out about Brad Pilon’s ebook Eat Stop Eat from my friend Rusty Moore. I had a few weeks before my summer vacation trip and he wrote a post in which he mentioned the eat stop eat book. In this video Brad explains how intense exercise and fasting have similar effect on your body. In both cases insulin levels drop and growth hormone goes up. This causes free fatty acids to be released in the blood and this means increased fat burning.

So I decided to get it and was amazed how easy it was to follow the plan. I quickly lost 5-7lbs and kept it off during the vacation even though I ate whatever and whenever I liked there. It was hardly a diet.

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Beginner Strength Training – Build Bigger Muscles Fast With The Strength And Size Full Body Workout

I will be real here. The beginner strength training workout is not the only routine I’ve trained with. And, this is not the workout I have started training with. Having said that however, this is the workout I currently do and I would recommend to anybody that is a beginner or intermediate, because it produces the fastest progress thus the fastest results. I will write more about what physical goals you need to surpass in order to advance past intermediate status.

Beginner, Intermediate Or Advanced?

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Linda Hamilton’s Terminator 2 Workout – She’s An Amazing Fitness Role Model

For her role in the movie Terminator 2 Linda Hamilton got into amazing shape. She got strong arms, chiseled abs and shapely shoulders. Not only did she look good, she also performed like a kickass warrior princess in the film.

linda hamilton's terminator workout gives results Her Terminator 2 Workout.

Linda was working with personal trainer Anthony Cortés who also helped Edward Norton beef up for American History X. Apparently she shed 12 pounds of fat with diet and exercise. Her routine included running, biking, swimming, climbing stairs as well as free weights, mini-trampoline drills, walking lunges and abdominal work. They trained six days a week for 3 hours. The thing is she got into amazing shape after giving birth just 20 months ago.

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Workout Duration and Frequency — Don’t Waste Your Life in the Gym

I have wasted too much time in the gym. Don’t repeat my mistake. You can progress and reach your goals quickly by training just three times a week for a little over an hour. The key here is to train smart. If you accomplish your goals every week, there is no reason or need for you to train more.

There’s simply too much fun stuff to do outside of the gym. Life is full of beautiful places to visit, interesting things to do, great people to meet, awesome books to read, etc. It is just too big a sacrifice to only focus on fitness. That being said, you should aim high with your fitness goals. Yes, you can actually train relatively little and get great results.

Full Body Routines To Build Muscle

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Jump Rope Workout – Lose Fat And Get in Shape

Jumping rope is a great workout. If you play sports, and I think that you should because life is just more fun when you also enjoy it through the capabilities of your body, jumping rope will enable you to perform at a higher level.

When done regularly, this kind of training, will develop your coordination aerobic and anaerobic power and capacity, balance, quickness of feet and hands, speed, agility, and explosiveness. It will also of course greatly aid in weight loss. Get strong and keep your body weight down and you will develop a great body.

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How to Train for a Great Body

If you want to get a great body, there are a few things that you need to know. Specifically, I am going to discuss how to alter the proportions of your physique as proportions are what make a body nice to look at.

The proportions of the male and the female body are quite different and for that reason there are some differences in the way man and women need to train. Also, while weight management for men and women are pretty much the same, the role of strength training for men and for women is completely different.

In men the goal of strength training should be to alter the proportions in order to make the shoulder region more powerful looking. In women, strength training will only make the body – torso and limbs – firmer and the posture better. Women do not need to change their body shape. A healthy girl at 16 has all the body development she will ever need.

The Goal Of Strength Training For Men

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