Getting That Hot Celebrity Body – If All Else Fails, Go Pro

Some people want to look just sort of OK. Not too fat, not too skinny and with steady energy levels. The problem with this is that when you shoot for a mediocre target, you may not even accomplish this easy goal. Let me explain.

It’s always better to aim a little higher. To overshoot if you will. Even if you don’t get to your targeted body, you will have achieved a physique way better than average. If you go for mediocrity though, you may get something way below that.

Now, the worst thing would be if you didn’t have a goal at all. You see, the mind works in a way that when you give it a goal or a time constraint, it gives its best to fit everything you do within the parameters of that goal or time constraint.

Enter Parkinson’s Law

Psychologists have established this so-called rule. It states that the tasks at hand will take up as much time as is allotted to it. Speaking of this, I read the story of Ukranian supermodel Natalia Vodianova. At 15 a scouting agent met her in her country. Struck by her looks, the agent convinced Vodianova that a bright future was ahead of her if she learned English fast.

What Did She Do? She Went Pro

The young girl learned English in 3 months and went off to Paris for a career as a high level fashion model. This is the same thing that successful Hollywood actors and actresses do. They are given a task and go PRO with it. Whether it is getting in fantastic shape, learning a language, etc., it doesn’t matter.

natalia vodianova knows how to get what she wants
Natalia Vodianova. Hot as hell. Her desire to work hard and determination to succeed are what made her fairy tale story come to life.

What Is Their Secret

There has to be something that drives these people to succeed as they do. Their hidden weapon is the powerful reason why. So many people fail in their fitness goals. They miss workouts, eat junk and so on and so fort. The reason we fail with our goals with our goals is that our motivation to succeed is weaker than our desire to be idle and lazy.

Let Me Elaborate On This

What if I told I’d give you $100k to get in top shape in only 3 months? Would you be able to do it? Hell yeah! Quite a motivation, isn’t it? So what is the secret? You’ve got to LINK what you desire to achieve with a very powerful reward. Getting your goal must be worth it big time so that you put everything you’ve got into it. Go pro with it and finally achieve it. Getting a lean and muscular body or a hot model-caliber figure for the ladies out there ain’t worth it much if the only way you are going to enjoy that bod is by looking at it in your bathroom mirror.

Think Big

Think cool clothes, people being drawn to you and complimenting you, think enjoying the summer sun at the beach or working out with no shirt on at the local playground. Think having fun with your buddies on exotic trips, playing pickup basketball games or beach volleyball. Think pool side ladies in bikinis looking hot. Use that mind of yours and imagine it.

Let’s Get Back to Parkinson’s Law

Now that you have your goal and powerful reward or reason why, you need to set a precise a date for the accomplishment of your plan. Natalia Vodianova had 3 months. Athletes have competition dates. Actors have shooting schedules. If you don’t set a date, achieving your goal will take forever. Literally.

Note: Here is a video of a 6-year old going PRO and killing it. Enjoy.

Shoot for a high goal. Get yourself a kickass reason why. Set a deadline and go PRO.