Starting A Diet – Jennifer Connelly And The Day The Earth Stood Still Have Something To Teach You

A couple of weeks ago I watched a cool sci-fi movie – The Day The Earth Stood Still. I just wanted to share some reflections on it with you. The reason for this is that some of the lessons from the movie have very much in common with the kind of transformation, or change if you will, a guy or a gal has to experience in order to get a great body.

OK, I admit it. The post was kind of an excuse to feature a pic of the beautiful Jennifer Connelly. Couldn’t help it LOL. Seriously, her eyes… Anyway – my point is that in order to change some people need to hit the very rock bottom of their condition. They need to realize how pathetic their situation really is in order to take the drastic measures that are needed to change their body… or their lives!

Here Is the Quote From the Movie

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Seize the Day – There Is No Tomorrow

Lying on the beach, music and a good book. I take an afternoon like this any day. January comes and it is a time when many people decide that they are going to change their lives. We have all heard it and we have all done it. You know the kind of resolutions I’m talking about. From next year I’m going to train or starting next month I won’t eat junk food anymore. Or how about from next week I will start saving money. Starting tomorrow, I will drink more water. Blah, blah, blah. Well guess what?

There Is No Tomorrow

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Getting That Hot Celebrity Body – If All Else Fails, Go Pro

Some people want to look just sort of OK. Not too fat, not too skinny and with steady energy levels. The problem with this is that when you shoot for a mediocre target, you may not even accomplish this easy goal. Let me explain.

It’s always better to aim a little higher. To overshoot if you will. Even if you don’t get to your targeted body, you will have achieved a physique way better than average. If you go for mediocrity though, you may get something way below that.

Now, the worst thing would be if you didn’t have a goal at all. You see, the mind works in a way that when you give it a goal or a time constraint, it gives its best to fit everything you do within the parameters of that goal or time constraint.

Enter Parkinson’s Law

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Bulk or Cut? If You Don’t Lose Fat Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Even if you know what you are doing and have plenty of time to train, typically it takes a few months to get in top shape. Summer will be here sooner than most people expect it. I’ve seen time and time again people at the gyms going on an endless “bulking” phase. In reality, they stay fat year round, postponing looking good for the indefinite future.

Summer is coming. Might as well get in top shape and play with mermaids at the beach. You know, part of the reason for this is that folks have an unrealistic perception of themselves and what it takes to look muscular. They may think they are not muscled enough when in reality their shoulders or V-taper are hidden under a layer of fat.

Look Good Year Round

Lean people look decent even with limited amounts of muscle. This is the way to go – lose fat first so that you look good year round.

Isn’t it a bit lame of an excuse to say you are fat, this year, because you are on a bulking program? Why not look good all the time?

Leaner People Can Get Away with Eating More Carbs

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Behavioral Modeling – The 4 Rules of Achieving Your Goals

Now that’s not the kind of modeling I’m talking about here. It doesn’t hurt to have a picture of a gorgeous woman though.. Behavioral modeling is a technique developed to replicate the achievements of high level performers. It means observing the technicalities of their competence, creating a model of that behavior and teaching it. For example, if you follow the exact steps someone took to achieve a certain thing, you will achieve it too.

Now the catch is that most pros are at a level of unconscious competence. This means that they know how to do certain things, but neither can break them down in explainable form, nor can they teach them.

Here is an example. A badminton player used to come to the gym where I trained. When we asked her to explain specifics about the way she plays the game, she said that you just do it. The girl declared that we were just unfit to grasp the techniques. Unconscious competence is the reason why many natural athletes are poor coaches.

They never had to analyze and breakdown the technique of their sport. Mediocre athletes on the contrary, often have to dissect things and are thus suited to teach others.

Know Your Outcome

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Your Reason Why for Getting a Hot Body… Or Any Other Goal

You need a powerful reason why in order to motivate yourself to do what’s necessary to reach your goals. The more reasons you have the better. Try to vividly imagine what it would be like when you achieve your goal. How will you feel? How will it change your life in different situations?

Beautiful women are a big reason why for most guys.

Because goal achievement comes down to doing small step after small step, you have to be motivated to do these incremental advances towards your goal even though there is no short term or immediate gratification. It is easier to do something fun right now than work hard in order to experience something fantastic a little bit later. This applies everywhere – work, dieting, training, etc. But it shouldn’t be like that.

Strong emotional motivators come into play here. You have to imagine in bright colors and feel with all senses how it would feel to have achieved your goal.

Looking Good at the Beach on Your Vacation

Going for a nice relaxing vacation (or a crazy party trip) will feel that much better if you are super fit. Guys could take their shirts of and show off and girls will feel hot and sexy at the beach in their bikinis. You just can’t lose when you are in top shape at an exotic place.

thailand paradise beach
Nothing like feeling fantastic in your skin for that dream vacation.

Sports Domination

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Skipping Workouts – Why It Sucks to Miss Scheduled Training Sessions

Skipping workouts – we have all done it, whether from lack of planning or due to an unexpected circumstance.

Here are four reasons why I think we should avoid doing it or at least minimize it as much as possible.

Skipping Workouts Establishes Bad Habits.

Just imagine how much more consistent you would be if you didn’t have the habit of missing training sessions for petty reasons. The more you miss sessions, the more you reinforce that same bad habit.

It takes around 3 weeks to form a new habit. Make the decision to be consistent for 21 days and this will pay off later when you will automatically decide to stick to your plan because of the new habit.

Missing Training Sessions Delays Your Progress

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