Bulk or Cut? If You Don’t Lose Fat Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Even if you know what you are doing and have plenty of time to train, typically it takes a few months to get in top shape. Summer will be here sooner than most people expect it. I’ve seen time and time again people at the gyms going on an endless “bulking” phase. In reality, they stay fat year round, postponing looking good for the indefinite future.

Summer is coming. Might as well get in top shape and play with mermaids at the beach. You know, part of the reason for this is that folks have an unrealistic perception of themselves and what it takes to look muscular. They may think they are not muscled enough when in reality their shoulders or V-taper are hidden under a layer of fat.

Look Good Year Round

Lean people look decent even with limited amounts of muscle. This is the way to go – lose fat first so that you look good year round.

Isn’t it a bit lame of an excuse to say you are fat, this year, because you are on a bulking program? Why not look good all the time?

Leaner People Can Get Away with Eating More Carbs

When you eat carbohydrates, you shut off your body’s ability to burn body fat for the next couple of hours. If you eat too much of the sugary stuff, you may also put on weight.

So, to be able to eat moderate amounts of carbs, if you so desire, get lean first – you can eat some of the stuff when maintaining your weight.

Better Muscle Growth Hormones

When you have less body fat, you are primed for the production of the male muscle building hormone testosterone. (A side note for the ladies – no worries, you won’t ruing your body by getting lean.) Now, when you are fatter, the equilibrium shifts a bit towards the female hormones – which means less muscle building.

This is so because the female hormone estrogen thrives in the presence of an abundant body fat storage. Lose the fat and you lose the unnecessary estrogen. So, to feel great year round and be in a muscle building state, get lean first.

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