Skipping Workouts – Why It Sucks to Miss Scheduled Training Sessions

Skipping workouts – we have all done it, whether from lack of planning or due to an unexpected circumstance.

Here are four reasons why I think we should avoid doing it or at least minimize it as much as possible.

Skipping Workouts Establishes Bad Habits.

Just imagine how much more consistent you would be if you didn’t have the habit of missing training sessions for petty reasons. The more you miss sessions, the more you reinforce that same bad habit.

It takes around 3 weeks to form a new habit. Make the decision to be consistent for 21 days and this will pay off later when you will automatically decide to stick to your plan because of the new habit.

Missing Training Sessions Delays Your Progress

If you skip a total of two weeks for example, that equals two weeks more for you to get the results you want for your body.

Why wait for the future? Everyday you act on your goals is one day less to wait for them to come true.

You Will Gain Fat If  Eating As If You Were Training.

This is the reason many athletes get fat when they get older and stop training. People think that muscular people have their muscles turn into fat after they stop training.

The truth is that they continue to eat as if they were training and that causes the weight gain. Because of the lack of activity, the consumed calories are excessive and convert to fat. Muscles just shrink, they cannot become body fat.

You Even Have to Take a Step Back

Instead of being able to progress from your previous workout or at least train with the same weights, you might have to go lighter.

Now, some times this is a good thing when planned. But not when it happens all the time. Why erase some of your efforts by being inconsistent? Forge your will power instead and reap the benefits of sticking to the plan.

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