Linda Hamilton’s Terminator 2 Workout – She’s An Amazing Fitness Role Model

For her role in the movie Terminator 2 Linda Hamilton got into amazing shape. She got strong arms, chiseled abs and shapely shoulders. Not only did she look good, she also performed like a kickass warrior princess in the film.

Her Terminator 2 Workout.

Linda was working with personal trainer Anthony Cortés who also helped Edward Norton beef up for American History X. Apparently she shed 12 pounds of fat with diet and exercise. Her routine included running, biking, swimming, climbing stairs as well as free weights, mini-trampoline drills, walking lunges and abdominal work. They trained six days a week for 3 hours. The thing is she got into amazing shape after giving birth just 20 months ago.

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Workout Duration and Frequency — Don’t Waste Your Life in the Gym

I have wasted too much time in the gym. Don’t repeat my mistake. You can progress and reach your goals quickly by training just three times a week for a little over an hour. The key here is to train smart. If you accomplish your goals every week, there is no reason or need for you to train more. Life is full of beautiful places to visit, interesting things to do, great people to meet, awesome books to read, etc. It is just too big a sacrifice to only focus on fitness. That being said, you should aim high with your fitness. Yes, you can actually train relatively little and get great results.

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