Sylvester Stallone Ripped for His New Movie The Expendables

This is a quick little post because I wanted to share with you this ‘leaked photo’ that is taking the net by storm. Sylvester Stallone ripped and in uber shape folks! And look at that bad-ass ink work on the shoulders. This is going to be one sick puppy folks, can’t wait for the flick. So yeah, this will be a crazy 80’s/90’s action extravaganza. Can’t wait.

This will be like the Ocean’s 11 of action movies. Anybody else as excited about this as I am, or is it just me lol? Btw – check out these videos from the Expendables Workout.

Sly hasn’t looked this good the last 15 years. And, get this, he is 62 now. O, yeah!

And If This Wasn’t Enough, Here Are Some of The Other Action Stars Who Signed Up For The Expendables

  • Mickey Rourke. Nice. I loved him in Bullet – probably one of his best roles.
  • Jason Statham. Hell yeah. I’m psyched for the new Transporter 3.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rumored to play himself! Ha! This will be a second after Last Action Hero (sorta).
  • Jet Li. This keeps getting better. I already recommended Fist of Legend. Probably his best.
  • Dolph Lundgren. OK, wake me up, cuz I must be dreaming now. Him and Sly haven’t been together on screen since Rocky IV.
  • Forest Whitaker. The dude is great. Have you seen
    Ghost Dog, Way of the Samurai
  • Eric Roberts. The All-American hero from Best of the Best.
  • Randy Couture. Former UFC killing machine turned actor. You can check him out in The Scorpion King 2.
  • Sandra Bullock. Speed. Nuff said lol.
  • Danny Trejo. The ultimate Mexican bad-ass. Check him in the short Machete.

And here is the photo:

sylvester stallone ripped for the expendables

19 thoughts on “Sylvester Stallone Ripped for His New Movie The Expendables”

  1. Yavor,

    Dude. When I saw that list of actors on IMDB. Well… let’s just say I wished I had stolen my niece’s diapers because I almost crapped my self it was so awesome!

    Seriously. And Stalone is a stud. I heard for the latest Rocky movie they told him “you need to gain some weight — because you look WAY TOO good in shape — Rocky is supposed to be a “has been””

    So he said he got to eat like ice cream and stuff before the movie because he wanted to gain a little extra fat to look out of shape.

    But holy crap I can’t wait for this movie. Seriously.

    Dude, we seem to have a taste for the same movies, go check ou the trailer for “inglorious bastards” (might wanna grab a diaper first 🙂 )


  2. Caleb

    I know! It’s like you f-ing read my mind on some of your posts.


    Anyway, checked out the trailer and it looks AWESOME. It’s like Raiders of the Lost Arc meets Kill Bill.

    Woa! Cant’t wait!


    p.s. I know I will enjoy it. Glad I’m taking German lessons so I can understand the bad guys’ speaking LOL.

  3. Yeah, sure looks like steroids, HGH, or some such. Look at the wavy vascularity. He’s on something. His skin looks bad, may be the picture, but it sure doesn’t look good. Did you see the insides of his arms? They look unnatural, fatty or swollen.

    There are more natural methods, like DHEA and other testosterone precursors. But, of course, they are natural and hence slower to take effect. Why are so many people in such a hurry? Whatever happened to patience and balance?

  4. Edward,

    I agree with ya buddy. Patience goes a long way. But I have to note tat patience is good if you are on the right track. Otherwise you ain’t getting nowhere.


  5. Are you kidding me???? The guy is 62! I know people in there 20′ that work out 4-5 a week that don’t look that good. As for people that say steroids or Growth is cheating or the fast track? They know nothing about it… When you use steroids especially you loose all of your natural supply thus the shrinking or the testicles.. You are advancing on nothing but the supplement. I am 38 and go to a Dr. I am sure just like Sly does to have my blood work done and my levels monitored. I am 6′ 3″ 280lbs and am at 8 percent body fat. My cholesterol and blood pressure are that of a 21yr old. I have the stamina and libido of one as well. I am not saying it’s for everyone or promoting by any means. I am just saying that when used the right way and under a Dr.’s supervision the stuff is a miracle and gives us awesome entertainment specimens like our friend Mr. Stallone. I hope to look as good as he does at 62. I say to him you keep up the good work.. Because it is a true commitment to be in that kind of shape and if people think that he just jabs a needle into himself to get that way they are sadly mistaken. The workouts that man puts in I bet are absolutely insane. Sorry for the soap box just feel very strongly about this subject. I can’t wait for the movie to come out its going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!

  6. Benja,

    first of all – props for staying in shape and training hard. You are quite heavy and muscular and yet stay at a low body fat percentage. This is hard in itself although I’d personally prefer to be lighter but I’m sure you have your goals and reasons for this. And yeah, Sly busts his ass in the gym. The guy has been training like a mofo for 30-40 years already. I read an interview with Dolph Lundgren for the training they did for the Rocky movie where Doplh played the Russian boxer Ivan Drago. He said Sly pushed him to train like crazy. Dolph was finding himself getting back to his room and training more because he wanted to keep up with Stallone’s intensity and shape. As for the new movie. I can’t wait too, buddy!



  7. Yavor, thank you for your words. I am actually much lighter. Two years ago I was 360lbs at about 17%. I was absolutely huge and was tagged a freak! I didn’t mind I actually loved it. I am covered in tattoos and have a bald head. You can imagine that I would get rather funny looks of both curiosity and fright. It never failed when ever I would go to our big mall in Houston called the Galleria; people would stop me and ask if they could have an autograph or if they could have a picture taken with me. I always thought that to be hilarious. I guess they thought I was a wrestler or something… It was usually people of Asian or Middle Eastern decent. I liked the attention but was unable to do things like tie my shoes or turn my head when someone behind me asked me a question. It was uncomfortable. I feel so much better now. I train Krav Maga now so it helps with my flexibility. I still scare people at the grocery store when standing in line. It’s usually some lady with her young child in the basket. It usually begins by the child staring at me because kids are curious and innocent at heart. Then they say something like look momma at those pretty tattoos. The mother would then take one look at me and think I was going to eat there kid… Its funny how ridiculous people can be and how awesome kids are…

  8. Benja,

    yeah man, people judge by the way you look first. They can’t help but be intimidated by a 360lbs dude. The shaved head and tatts didn’t help either 🙂 They can’t know by their first impression if in reality you are an intelligent, highly educated person, etc. As for Asian and Middle Eastern guys – I guess they are twice as much intimidated because their ethnicity is known for smaller-framed people. I guess martial arts training helps A LOT with flexibility and mobility – something people lose as the years pass (mainly because they don’t use these qualities!). But Krav Maga must also be very beneficial for keeping you lean. I’m sure you look/feel much better now – better fitting clothes, leaner and younger looking face, etc. Speaking of wrestlers, I’m sure you’ve noticed how much better The Rock looks now that he lost the excess WWF bulk

    [The rock lost quite a bit of weight since his wrestling days and looks much better now!]

    And yeah, kids are always open and direct. They don’t lie and can always tell if you are being real with them.


  9. The movies are awesome all over, but the list cannot be complete without “300”. Their physiques were so impressive the moment it came out my mail got spammed with “300 workouts”. 😀

  10. Rudy,

    No doubt – the actors in 300 underwent. I’m actually writing a new article that mentions the trainers of the 300 actors.



  11. The King of action is back and never looked better.Can’t wait for new flick,62yrs would never believe it rock on sly.

  12. Stallone trains his ass off to look this ripped. You can take all the GH you want and with out proper training and diet you could only dream of looking this good

  13. Ripped, I can remember in the 70’s when this term came about in reference to Body Builder Don Ross, then it got a life of it’s own, but think of one thing ripped means nothing, but a sort term look brought on by dieting, it is not a ahtletic skill, when have you ever heard of a Olympic event in rippped, and showing men of the armed forces that way is foolish, as a vet I can tell you no body cares about ripped when your being shot at. If you want to starve yourself, overtrain to look for a short time like a cartoon go ahead, but you could use that time, energy to develope a real athletic skill.

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