Sylvester Stallone Ripped for His New Movie The Expendables

This is a quick little post because I wanted to share with you this ‘leaked photo’ that is taking the net by storm. Sylvester Stallone ripped and in uber shape folks! And look at that bad-ass ink work on the shoulders. This is going to be one sick puppy folks, can’t wait for the flick. So yeah, this will be a crazy 80’s/90’s action extravaganza. Can’t wait.

This will be like the Ocean’s 11 of action movies. Anybody else as excited about this as I am, or is it just me lol? Btw – check out these videos from the Expendables Workout.

Sly hasn’t looked this good the last 15 years. And, get this, he is 62 now. O, yeah!

And If This Wasn’t Enough, Here Are Some of The Other Action Stars Who Signed Up For The Expendables

  • Mickey Rourke. Nice. I loved him in Bullet – probably one of his best roles.
  • Jason Statham. Hell yeah. I’m psyched for the new Transporter 3.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rumored to play himself! Ha! This will be a second after Last Action Hero (sorta).
  • Jet Li. This keeps getting better. I already recommended Fist of Legend. Probably his best.
  • Dolph Lundgren. OK, wake me up, cuz I must be dreaming now. Him and Sly haven’t been together on screen since Rocky IV.
  • Forest Whitaker. The dude is great. Have you seen
    Ghost Dog, Way of the Samurai
  • Eric Roberts. The All-American hero from Best of the Best.
  • Randy Couture. Former UFC killing machine turned actor. You can check him out in The Scorpion King 2.
  • Sandra Bullock. Speed. Nuff said lol.
  • Danny Trejo. The ultimate Mexican bad-ass. Check him in the short Machete.

And here is the photo:

sylvester stallone ripped for the expendables