Who Else Wants Their High School Body Back

People usually look their best in high school. Young women and men are almost always thinner and more athletic than older folks. It’s kind of ironic really, because this is also the period full of the most insecurities and body image issues. Girls don’t feel thin enough or pretty enough while boys feel they don’t have enough muscle.

A Few Years Later…

These same people realize how good they actually looked in high school. One of the reasons why people look good when they are younger is their lower body weight. I’m not talking about body fat percentage here, though it also matters. Simply being light, no matter what your exact body fat percentage, will make you look good.

The human face looks better when there is less fat on it. People look prettier and younger when there is no excess adipose tissue covering the cheeks and the chin. In fact, many people can pass of for models when they have low enough body fat percentage.

Body Fat Spreads Across The Whole Body

Now, the way it settles in different areas depends on the gender and the different hormonal levels. Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin has even developed a system, called Biosignature Modulation, to determine which hormone is off-balance depending on the irregularity of the fat deposits from one or another area of the body.

woman with lean face
When you are lean, the facial features are not covered in fat. This beautiful woman is in shape no doubt.

By looking at a person’s face, skilled professionals can usually guess how lean somebody is. I find that I can asses fairly well people’s leanness by either examining their face or arms and shoulders. In fact, skin fold measurements taken from the cheek and the chin are a good general measurement. The way to look great then is to increase strength while lowering the body weight.

Athletes in Competition Look Great

There are many ways to induce the caloric deficit needed to keep that body weight down. Intermittent fasting works in probably the most natural way. If you wanna weigh less, just eat less. I’ve discovered fasting last year through Canadian nutritionist Brad Pilon’s book Eat Stop Eat.

Kids and athletes create caloric deficit by moving and training a lot. Children are notorious for forgetting to eat when they play outside the whole day. This is a natural form of intermittent fasting. Here is a great video where Brad Pilon explains the concept of “boosting the metabolism.”

Imagine what would happen if you reclaimed your high school body. Well, you can do it – your body structure is basically the same, now all that remains is to lose the excess weight without worrying about stuff like keeping training numbers up or preserving muscle. Just train and get the body weight down and you’ll get there.

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