Building Muscle – Get a Basic Strength Level First

I like to learn and discover stuff. One of the tricks I have stumbled upon for really getting the true nature of things is to borrow from lots of sources and track where their opinions coincide.

Almost all fitness authors talk about the importance of establishing a solid foundation of strength for folks that are new to training. One of the best explanation I’ve read was by Arthur Jones – a talented pioneer of bodybuilding. He revolutionized the way training is perceived by the general public by introducing the Nautilus machine.

This post is inspired by his writings where he advises new trainees to progress as quickly as possible in a simple but solid full body routine. With brief workouts and hard work, within a short few months significant progress is achieved.

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Ja Rule’s Workout – How You Can Build a Body You Can Be Proud Of

The thing about most rappers’ physiques is that they have a natural advantage. They are genetically more suited for athletics. That’s why they have the muscles of the back of the body – the ones responsible for athleticism (calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back and traps) easily developed. It doesn’t hurt that they have naturally lower levels of body fat. All that is left is to develop the muscles of the front of the body – biceps and chest and you’ve got yourself a beach physique.

Ja Rule is Not a Big Guy, But He Looks Big Without a Shirt

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Bench Press More – Give Me 12 Days And I Will Make You Stronger

Have you ever noticed how when you first join a gym it is easy to get stronger, add weight and do more reps on each subsequent workout? But a few weeks or a few months later, your progress comes to a halt. You keep pushing the same amount of weight and keep struggling at the same number of repetitions.

This is what I experienced when I first became serious about working out 8 years ago. I wouldn’t miss workouts and yet I seemed to be stuck. In fact, I keep seeing the guys at the gym struggling to change their bodies OR get stronger. Truth is, I see this at most of the gyms I visit when I have to workout somewhere else. The cost of all this is not only that people fail to get their dream bodies, you know, the type of physiques that inspired them to start training, but also quit working out altogether.

And I don’t blame them.

You see, it is not your fault that you fail to progress in the gym. The mainstream advice in bodybuilding mags just plain sucks.

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