Blake Lively’s Bikini Body Secrets: Her Workout and Diet for Green Lantern Revealed

Blake Lively’s Bikini Body has become quite an inspiration for women these days. The girl is a fantastic fitness role model with her slim and feminine physique. For her role in Green Lantern Blake got in an even better shape with the help of her celeb personal trainer Bobby Strom.

Among Bobby Strom’s clients are A-list celebrities like Britney Spears (in her fit and sexy period), Shakira, Beyonce, Scarlett Jonahsson (for her role in Iron Man 2), Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Leslie Mann, Elle Mcpherson… He also worked with Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern.

Blake Lively’s Bikini Body Diet

Getting in shape is simple – you sweat a lot in the gym and then you go a low calorie diet to eliminate the extra body fat. Simple but not easy. For Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds’ and Blake Lively’s trainer decided to take control of what his clients were consuming by doing all the cooking for them.

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I think this is a great approach. That is – to have somebody cook for you. Losing body fat becomes a matter of just eating what is served.

The Menu

Here’s what the daily menu look like:

  • Breakfast – steel cut oatmeal. This is a good energy source in the morning. A big plus is that it’s gluten free. Many many people have intolerance to the protein found in wheat. Bobby would add fresh fruit in it, such as berries, to sweeten the meal. The last ingredient was a bit of almond milk and some protein powder.
  • Lunch – Chicken or fish with a salad with balsamic vinaigrette (I love this thing!). Perfect low calorie, high nutrient meal.
  • Dinner – same as lunch. Optionally – add some brown rice.

Blake Lively’s Bikini Body Workout

Bobby Strom, like most experienced trainers, is a huge fan of cirvcuit training. Basically you take 10-12 different exercises and do them for 10-12 reps back to back. Then you rest 1 minute and repeat for 3-4 total rounds. What is unique about Strom’s approach is that his clients don’t repeat the circuits in the same order.

Bellow oyu can see a comparisson of how Blake looks when she gets in exceptional shape (left) and her regular self, a good 10 lbs heavier (right). Honestly, she looks great in both photos. No need to kill yourself in the gym.

The producers of Green Lantern told Lively to workout for the role so she would be stronger. She saw Bobby Strom training Ryan Reynolds. Soon after starting her training, Blake found out she was going to be wearing a swimsuit in a Vogue fashion spread. Talk about motivation to look lean and athletic.

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The training schedule was circuit training, four days per week, 90 minutes per workout. They would usually train at 9am – Bobby was busy training Ryan earlier in the morning. With the low calorie menu and the huff and puff workouts she dropped 3-4 % body fat which is quite a feat.

Blake Lively’s Body Measurements

Blake is naturally thin and tall. She measures at about 5’10’’ which is about 178 cm. The girl is supposed to be between 135 and 145 lbs – 61-66kgs. I don’t know how accurate these numbers are. In my opinion she is lighter than that – Blake Lively’s Bikini Body is really slim and she couldn’t be more than 135lbs.