Fat Loss Mistakes – 7 Ways People Mess Things Up and How You Can Avoid Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Progress

The number one way to look better is to lose your excess body fat. Many people struggle to do this because they make the same mistakes time and time again. They look for a magic solution, for a magic pill, to give them that edge. The truth is that there is no snap-your-fingers solution to this. Move more and eat less – simple as that.

Mistake #1 – Eating too much.Plain and simple, you won’t get leaner, even if you exercise, if you also over eat. It’s a mistake to eat something planning to burn it off later.

Solution: You have to eat less. If you are not sure whether to eat something and exercise it off later, just stop. It won’t work like this.

Mistake #2 – Going all out for a short while and then failing to continue.

Solution: It you’ve got to lose lots of weight, you won’t do it ultra fast. It’s best to plan something that allows you to sustain it for a long time, preferable for periods of at least 6-8 weeks at a time.

Mistake #3 – Consuming too many carbohydrates.

Solution: This is a surefire way to make it very hard for yourself to succeed. Of course, it is possible to do it like this. The thing is, after ingesting carbs, your body plain won’t be able to burn off blubber for the next couple of hours. Limit your carbohydrate consumption from processed foods if you want to get leaner. Avoid breads and sugars, for example.
fatlossDon’t put your fat loss progress on lock down. Now, if you know how to avoid the biggest mistakes folks make trying to get lean, fat loss will be a piece of cake.

Mistake #4 – Not training with weights or other methods of resistance

By just under consuming food, you may actually lose too much muscle. You will look and feel flabbier and softer, even at a lower body weight.

Solution: Do some resistance training 2-3 times per week. Body weight workouts, such as push ups and squats, free weights such as dumbbells and barbells, resistance bands, isometrics – these all get the job done.

Mistake #5 – Controlling only the amount of carbohydrates and not the total amount of food consumed

Lots of people fail fat loss even on a low carb diet. Although they limit their carbohydrates, they eat too much food and fail to create a caloric deficit.

Solution: The number one rule of fat loss is to create a caloric deficit. Both diet and exercise work. It’s better to have both. Cutting down on carbohydrates does help, but is not essential. The main thing is to limit those calories.

Mistake #6 – Not training to lose weight

Solution: Building muscle and losing fat are different goals. You get leaner by exhausting your entire body – huffing and puffing as if you sprint for the bus. You can lose weight with sports that make you run and sprint – soccer and basketball for example. Sports that are conducted in segments or rounds also work – boxing, martial arts, jumping rope, and sprinting. Body weight circuits work the same way.

skinny girl on the beachA gorgeous girl on a beautiful beach makes for a nice motivation, no? Beats pics of people sweating on the treadmill for sure.

Mistake #7 – Training for muscle mass too much and for fat loss to little

This is prevalent among men. We go to the gym and we think we are still not big enough. The truth is, losing fat would make us look good – leaner and more muscular looking. Plus the proportions will be just right.

Solution: If you’ve got belly fat or love handles, your goal should be to get your body fat down so that you look good with your clothes off. Once you are at that body fat level, then you can switch to gradually getting more muscular, if you still desire that.

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