Mark Dacascos in Instinct to Kill – B-Movie Cheesy Goodness and Workout Inspiration

Oh man, I’m so excited. I love martial arts movies and I think I just found my new favorite martial arts actor. I decided I was in the mood for a cheesy B-Movie style action flick.

I got this movie called Instinct to Kill with Mark Dacascos. Cheesy title, cheesy cover shot, cheesy synopsis. But it promised to deliver what every good guy’s movie should deliver.

Guy’s Movie Checklist

Ass-kickery – check. Lots of brawling and fight scenes, including a classic bar fight – check. Master and pupil training sequence – check. Shooting, explosions and scantily clad pretty ladies – check, check and double check.

This was the kind of movie I would enjoy back in 1991 when my family got a VCR for the first time. I’d rent out 2 video tapes every weekend and sink myself in the action heaven.

I know those movies were simplistic but I also know great entertainment when I see it and still enjoy my corny B-movie action flicks.

Accomplished Martial Artist

He is fast, strong and agile without being huge. It seems martial artists are great role models for functional and attractive physiques.

I am definetely going to see more movies with Mark Dacascos. He exemplifies the relative strength advantage look. He looks buff and ripped with tank tops, t-shirts, etc. and at the same time has a normal look in street clothes. I believe thiese are the best proportions to go for.

Fitness lessons from Mark Dacascos

mark dacascos instinct to kill

Mark says that his daily workouts vary. When he’s working a twelve- to fourteen-hour day, he usually doesn’t have a lot of time to sweat for an ideal two to three hours. He has to be content with push-ups, leg-lifts, crunches and handstands — things he can do in his hotel room without needing equipment. He tries to stretch before and after work.

On the set, he can usually find something he can hang from to do pull-ups and leg-lifts on. When Mark’s not working, he tries to see his Kung Fu teacher three to four times a week.

On the other days, he prefers to tumble or run or surf. He needs to do something every day. Even on a rest day, he likes to at least do a stomach exercise.

3 thoughts on “Mark Dacascos in Instinct to Kill – B-Movie Cheesy Goodness and Workout Inspiration”

  1. Definitely a big Mark Dacascos fan. First saw him in Only the Strong and I was very impressed. The man does have an outstanding foundation for being athletic and a good competitive fighter. Martial artists and competitive fighters are great models indeed, guys like Dacascos, Donnie Yen, Michael Jai White, Jet Li, of course Bruce Lee!

  2. Frank

    I gotta check out Michael Jai White. Thanks for the tip! I am getting Only the Strong too. Gonna watch it this week probably.

    By the way, saw another flick with Mark Dacascos – Brotherhood of the Wolf. Fantastic adventure movie. It’s got all the good stuff – awesome fights, cute ladies, adventure. Kind of like the Rahan comic meets The Hound of the Baskervilles meets Pirates of the Caribbean.


  3. Marc Dacascos is the Man! I saw Brotherhood of the Wolf after reading this and liked it alot. Pretty weird plot, but the action scenes were totally badass. The combination of gymnastics and martial arts builds a really functional and attractive physique.

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