Daniel Craig’s Body Transformation in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall

Daniel Craig’s Body Transformation in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace as James Bond has been quite an inspiration for many guys looking to get fitter. Not to mention that his scene emerging from the water in his first Bond movie resulted in more than a few gasps from the female audience.

“The name’s Bond… James Bond”

Daniel Craig bulked up significantly for his first role. For the second movie, he was a bit leaner, a bit less no-neck. The reason for this was that his Bond was now portraying a more refined version of the agent.

Daniel Craig’s Body Transformation Trainer

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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Body Transformation: Workout Routine for Prince of Persia Dissected

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Body Transformation for Prince of Persia was once again the work of Simon Waterson, who also trained Daniel Craig and Chris Evans among others. Jake got a pretty muscular upper body and shoulders.

First things first, Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t not start out being out of shape when preparing for Prince of Persia. In fact, he was already in pretty good shape from the physical training for the movie Jarhead, which is pretty good by the way.

Jake admits that he cycles, runs long distance (10-12km) which is a pretty decent cardiovascular conditioning that also has the nice side effect of keeping him with a low body fat percentage to look good on camera.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Body Transformation Schedule

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Blake Lively’s Bikini Body Secrets: Her Workout and Diet for Green Lantern Revealed

Blake Lively’s Bikini Body has become quite an inspiration for women these days. The girl is a fantastic fitness role model with her slim and feminine physique. For her role in Green Lantern Blake got in an even better shape with the help of her celeb personal trainer Bobby Strom.

Among Bobby Strom’s clients are A-list celebrities like Britney Spears (in her fit and sexy period), Shakira, Beyonce, Scarlett Jonahsson (for her role in Iron Man 2), Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Leslie Mann, Elle Mcpherson… He also worked with Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern.

Blake Lively’s Bikini Body Diet

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Chris Evans’s Workout History – Fantastic Four, Captain America and Beyond

The Captain America workout. Chris Evans gained about between 20 lbs of muscle for his role in the movie while at the same time dropping his body fat percentage from 12.5 to 8 percent. Even though the actual physical training is by far the most important thing when it comes to getting more muscle, you really have to eat more in order to weigh more on the scale.

Chris did it by eating skinless chicken, turkey and fish in huge quantities and lots and lots of salad and all sorts of green vegetables.

Chris Evans’ Workout for Captain America

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How to Get a Body Like Olivia Wilde in Tron – Her Weight Training and Cardio Workouts

Olivia Wilde likes to maintain a healthy weight -she’s 110lbs. But for Tron: Legacy she had to go the extra mile and get super fit to be able to wear the hot Tron suit.

No doubt many of you’ve already seen the smash hit Tron and Olivia Wilde’s body hugging outfit that forced her to keep a steady weight during filming so she could fit in the suit.

Questions is – how did Olivia Wilde prepare for the role of sexy warrior Quorra in Tron. The answer is that she worked her ass off. She would be in the gym five or six days each week. Her workout included a mixture of cardio training, lifting weights and also martial arts.

Olivia Wilde’s Weight Training and Cardio Workout

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George Clooney Workout for the American: An Analysis


So I finally saw the new movie with George Clooney called the American and was pleasantly surprised by the movie. But the reason for this article is because George Clooney worked out like a madman for the movie to portray a lone wolf type of assassin in battle ready shape.

The movie turned out really, really good. Both Clooney and the lead actress, Violante Placido, daughter of legendary Italian actor Michele Placido gave a great performance. In fact, the movie somewhat reminded me to one of my favorite flicks as a teenager – True Romance with young Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette (penned by Quentin Tarantino). So anyway back to fitness.

George Clooney’s Assassin Fitness Workout Plan

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Mario Lopez Workout Routine: You Might As Well Call Him Super Mario!

The Mario Lopez workout has been the subject of much debate. The actor, who has consistently maintained a lean and muscular body similar to the physique of Mark Wahlberg, most recently displayed his toned physique in Dancing with the Stars.

Boxing Workouts to Shed Body Fat

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Video Reveals Stallone’s Expendables Workout: 62 And Still Killin It in the Gym! The Sly-O-Rama Continues!

Hey wassup. Just wanted to give you another quick heads up re Rambo’s training – a special video with Stallone’s Expendables workout. If you missed the recent pic featuring ripped Sly, here it is once again – Sylvester Stallone Ripped for His New Movie The Expendables. So yeah, the reason I am writing this quick little post is cause I got this great vid right here for you.

There you go, Sly busting his ass in the gym for the upcoming movie The Expendables. Below are some of the gut busting exercises Sly’s doing.

Muscle Building Workout

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Sylvester Stallone Ripped for His New Movie The Expendables

This is a quick little post because I wanted to share with you this ‘leaked photo’ that is taking the net by storm. Sylvester Stallone ripped and in uber shape folks! And look at that bad-ass ink work on the shoulders. This is going to be one sick puppy folks, can’t wait for the flick. So yeah, this will be a crazy 80’s/90’s action extravaganza. Can’t wait.

This will be like the Ocean’s 11 of action movies. Anybody else as excited about this as I am, or is it just me lol? Btw – check out these videos from the Expendables Workout.

Sly hasn’t looked this good the last 15 years. And, get this, he is 62 now. O, yeah!

And If This Wasn’t Enough, Here Are Some of The Other Action Stars Who Signed Up For The Expendables

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You Don’t Have to Be on One Tree Hill to Look Good Naked

Hey what’s up. I wanted to talk about one of my favorite TV shows – One Tree Hill. The reason I’m mentioning this is that it gives a perfect representation of what I am talking about when I describe the lean look and urge you to lose fat first thing. Do it as soon as possible folks. This is the number one key to looking good. That, and having some muscle mass – passing a beginner strength training level is enough. But a low body fat percentage comes first.

This is one of the coolest shows on the tube, at least the first couple of seasons will have you hooked. What is cool about the show is it gives a realistic image of getting a lean and attractive physique. That’s what I always stress – get lean first!

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25 Movies That Motivate Me To Train Hard

I find myself getting really pumped up when I watch a good movie. For one thing, I enjoy a good movie. Plus, it never hurts to see one in which the actor or actress is in top shape. Well, Caleb Lee happened to tag me to share 25 random things about me. So here goes – my top 25 movies that motivate me to train hard, kick ass and take names.

American Psycho
The self-obsessed and narcissistic psychopath played by Christian Bale takes great pride in every detail of his life. He is constantly on a diet and exercises religiously. The ironic thing is that although Christian Bale got into fantastic shape for the movie, the message of the film is that this level of body consciousness shows an unhealthy mind, obsessed with vanity. He is still a great physique role model though LOL.

I Am Legend
What better way to portray the solitude of the man dedicated to his training than to feature it against the backdrop of an empty city. Will Smith purposefully leaned down quite a bit in order to be convincing as a man fighting for his survival. Plus a real fun movie, folks.

russel crowe ridley scott gladiator training

I, Robot
Every movie with Will Smith is worth watching so that you can nourish on some of his contagious energy. He always gives it all. Because of the physicality of the movie Will Smith opted to present a powerful looking physique. So he made the list.

G.I. Jane
At age 35 Demi Moore really started showing she was taking great care of her body. Ridley Scott cast her in the role of a woman training to be a navy seal. What follows are some of the best training sequences captured on film, including Demi doing one arm pushups. Note – Demi also shows off a fantastic physique in 2 other corny but fun movies – Charlie’s Angels 2 and Striptease.


american history x - edward norton trained hard

American History X
We got Edward Norton. Personal trainer Anthony Cortés got him so buff and the change was so dramatic, that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself supposedly thought Edward was on steroids. Norton’s comment – he says he just are like hell and trained like it was going out of style.

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Ja Rule’s Workout – How You Can Build a Body You Can Be Proud Of

The thing about most rappers’ physiques is that they have a natural advantage. They are genetically more suited for athletics. That’s why they have the muscles of the back of the body – the ones responsible for athleticism (calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back and traps) easily developed.

Ja Rule is not a big guy. He looks good because he has a decent amount of muscle and is naturally very lean. It doesn’t hurt that they have naturally lower levels of body fat. All that is left is to develop the muscles of the front of the body – biceps and chest and you’ve got yourself a beach physique.

Ja Rule is Not a Big Guy, But He Looks Big

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Paul Walker’s Into the Blue Workout and Diet Program

I remember watching the movie The Fast and the Furious and thinking how Paul Walker looked like a skinny geek in it. It was especially striking when he was on screen together with big guy Vin Diesel.

So, it was a big surprise to see him so well built in the movie Into the Blue. I think that he now has a physique that looks just right. He is not too big, but definitely has a decent amount of muscle.

Plus he’s super lean and that accentuates his proportions. In fact, I think his transformation is comparable to what Edward Norton did for American History X. But let’s get back to Paul…

How Paul Walker Build His Muscles Mass

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Mark Dacascos Strikes Again – The Man Is In Kick Ass Shape In Brotherhood of the Wolf

Just got back from a nice walk in the snow with my lab Lucky. It was so refreshing in the park – the cold air cleared my head up.

So anyway, a few days ago I recommended a movie with Mark Dacascos – Instinct to Kill. It is a a straight up cheesy B-Movie guy’s flick.

Mark Dacascos in The Brotherhood of the Wolf

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