You Don’t Have to Be on One Tree Hill to Look Good Naked

Hey what’s up. I wanted to talk about one of my favorite TV shows – One Tree Hill. The reason I’m mentioning this is that it gives a perfect representation of what I am talking about when I describe the lean look and urge you to lose fat first thing. Do it as soon as possible folks. This is the number one key to looking good. That, and having some muscle mass – passing a beginner strength training level is enough. But a low body fat percentage comes first.

This is one of the coolest shows on the tube, at least the first couple of seasons will have you hooked. What is cool about the show is it gives a realistic image of getting a lean and attractive physique. That’s what I always stress – get lean first!

By the way, don’t watch it on cable. Just get the DVD’s. It’s way more fun this way cause you get to skip the cliffhangers and go directly to the next episode. And, it’s commercial free.

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I can’t ask for more from a show lol. Anyway, what inspired me to write this is that I wanted to emphasize my point once more – lean down fast. You will get tired of hearing this from me, no doubt. The fitness industry doesn’t seem to get it. Or they just don’t want you to know. Being trim is where it’s at folks – period.

Muscles Are Just An Embellishment

You see, young folks look good enough without having to train for years or whatever. They just have the right weight for their height. That’s it. So do what it takes to lean down. The easiest way in my opinion is to just eat less.

This Is What Ticks Me Off With The 6 Meals Per Day Thing

How can you lose weight by eating all the time. Isn’t it more logical to take a break from all that food once in a while?

It sure is. Check out my post on intermittent fasting

What they don’t tell you is that the 6 meals approach is for fitness competitors and body builders in order to get them to unnatural low levels of body fat so that they look the way the judges want them to look on stage.

It Is Not For Regular People

So find a way to consume less food and get trim. It can’t be that hard. Just give yourself a powerful reason why and you are set.

7 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be on One Tree Hill to Look Good Naked”

  1. I hear what you are adding here. If one is body-buiding then six feedings a day is effective for ‘chisled’ shows. Otherwise I am leaning toward better overaii-nutritive-balance.

  2. So you always think that leaning down first even if you dont have a great deal of muscle is best. So say you looking for that brad pitt fight club body would you suggest getting rid of the fat first and then up your calories to help with gaining once you bf is low enough is the better option?

    In one post about your top films I noticed you wrote if you want that brad pit body you need to gain the muscle first and then strip the fat, who would this apply to. People who are really lean already?

  3. Andrew

    it is always best to lose the excess fat first. Note I stress on ‘excess.’ If you are already decent/normal looking (i.e. no belly, no love handles, etc.) then you are lean enough and can focus on other goals. For that Brad Pitt body – he has a decent amount of muscle, but exceptionally low BF%. So once you are lean and have enough muscle, you can focus on getting extra lean/ripped – say for summer or whatever.

    Hope that helps,


    p.s. – upping the calories is not what will build muscle. Progressive overload on the basic 8-10 exercises with heavier and heavier weights is what makes muscle grow. If it wre just calories we could all just pig out to bigger muscles. But we can’t.

    p.p.s. – the way to lose the excess fat and get from somewhat chunky to decent/normal looking is to find a way to eat less.

  4. well I would say I’m pretty lean, well more of a weakling look to myself, so pretty lean but not so much muscular. The only area of fat is some fat on my belly, no love handles just some belly fat. My thinking was I would find it difficult to get extremely lean if I dont have enough muscle to actually cut to. But would you say thats not the case and even without a great deal of muscle already, getting very low body fat is still attainable?

    Also just to get it right from what you say if calories dont really count in helping to build muscle in a sense you have to be in excess all the time then as long as i workout and make progress with my workouts every week no matter how small I can control calories to lose fat and my workouts will build the muscle?

    Thanks Yavor

  5. Well right now just eat normal. Don’t stuff yourself. Make sure you don’t get any fatter.

    In your training, focus on getting stronger all the time. If you are new to training, you will want to do full body workouts for a few months. Progress in weight or reps every workout. After that switch to a split, train 1-2 muscle groups per day and progress in weight/reps each week.

    Muscle will come, but it needs time. You need to train hard. Make each set count. Make each workout better.

    Once you have attained a good strength/muscle base, you can go on an extreme cutting cycle for 1-2 months (because you don’t have much fat to lose anyway) and you will be killer.



    p.s. I am now writing notes etc for a new report/ebook on building muscle

  6. Thanks yavor for all the advice.
    Look forward to the ebook and keep up the site, it’s great for anyone looking for advice on building a better body.

    Thanks again, all the best.

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