Video Reveals Stallone’s Expendables Workout: 62 And Still Killin It in the Gym! The Sly-O-Rama Continues!

Hey wassup. Just wanted to give you another quick heads up re Rambo’s training – a special video with Stallone’s Expendables workout. If you missed the recent pic featuring ripped Sly, here it is once again – Sylvester Stallone Ripped for His New Movie The Expendables. So yeah, the reason I am writing this quick little post is cause I got this great vid right here for you.

There you go, Sly busting his ass in the gym for the upcoming movie The Expendables. Below are some of the gut busting exercises Sly’s doing.

Muscle Building Workout

The exercises below make up the muscle building portion of Stallone’s workout.

  • Machine lateral raises – these are done on an exercise machine to stimulate the side portion of the shoulders. When it is developed the shoulders look wide and give a ‘super hero’ look.
  • Machine squats – Sly works his legs using a machine to keep his muscle mass there while dieting and training hard to achieve a really lean body. Note that the lower body is not the focus of his workout.
  • Triceps skull crushers – these are one of the best exercises to stimulate the back of the arm, the triceps. It makes up 2/3 of the mass of the arm so if you want big arms, you’d better work the tricpes hard.
  • Dumbbell hammer curls – these are dumbbell curls done with a hammer grip. This means that you grip the weights with your thumbs up as if holding a hammer. The hammer curl is great for working the back of the forearm (the brachioradialis)as well as the brachialis (this muscle along with the biceps flexes the arm).

Sly’s Ab Workout

  • Core woodchop twists – Sylvester Stallone’s workout for The Expendables places a huge emphasis on core and ab development. this particular exercise builds rotatoin strength and full body power by teaching you to brace all your ab muscles hard – both the six pack (rectus abdominis) as well as the muscles on the side of your waist (obliques).
  • Machine ab curls – using this machine helps greatly to isolate and tire out the six pack (rectus abdominis) so it becomes hypertrophied and ‘pops’ out. The key howver is to have a very low percentage of body fat so the abs show – if they are covered in a layer of fat, even if they are developed, no six pack will be visible.
  • Ab posing– Sly will be able to increase muscular density with proper ab tensing workout – a trick that pro bodybuilders use.

To the left, Sylvester Stallone after a workout and in incredible shape. To the right – Sly in his possibly most ‘ripped’ state ever in Rambo 3. For a 60-something I’d say he is doing fatnastic!

Fat Burning Workout

  • Plyometrics and running – Sly’s workout also includes a jog/bounce combo – both to loosen the muscles and for extra calories burning.
  • Shadow boxing – boxing is a great calorie expending activity. In fact it is one of the most demanding sports.
  • Machine based cycling arm HIIT – HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training. Simply put you exercise at a high intensity for a brief period (10-30 seconds) and then rest for another period, usually longer than the intense part. Here Stallone is using a machine to do cycling with his arms for HIIT to task his upper body even more while burning fat.

Stretching Drills

  • Bodyweight stretches – this is the best way to stretch out your muscles after they have been toned with weight training. Many people, including experienced trainers, neglect the relaxation and recovery part of a workout plan. A huge mistake in my opinion.

Sly’s workout is focused on getting a lean and muscular body that looks great on camera. Here is a workout that targets this look – an action hero body. Visual Impact. With this workout you will get bigger muscles that are also harder and denser. Besides this balanced between size and definition, the workout also reveals a cool trick to make your skin super tight around your muscles.

That’s the real deal folks. This movie gets to be better and better. Btw – people who have already seen the movie report that it delivers on exactly what Sylvester Stallone promised it to be. Old school bad ass fest!