Ditch The Hot Party Girls And Go To Bed Before Your Workout

People just sort of hang out and try to get themselves a bigger alcohol buzz. The reality is that at some point the party has got to stop. In this way you can be a trooper the next day.

Nothing Interesting Happens After 2 AM

I once read this book that was talking about socialites and how some people manage to have it all. They work hard and productive and go out to all the parties and have fun.

This was their secret – a power socialite would show up for an event but would soon go to another party and after a few such stops head home early. This was what differentiated pros and wannabes. The amateurs would stay up all night and party. The next day however they would be completely burnt out from exhaustion.

Don’t Disturb Your Natural Ultradian Rhythm

Staying up all night once in a blue moon is fine. Hell, if it’s a quality night it’s more than worth it – that’s called living life fully. Now, doing the all-nighters regularly is a different game. This screws up your biological rhythms, called ultradian rhythms, big time.

party girls
No, really, the party has to stop. OK, not right now lol… These are the daily ups and downs of your energy levels. Every 1.5-2 hours there is a natural dip in your ability to work and concentrate. That’s why schools have classes by the way. So anyway, when you mess up your sleep, the next day the ultradian rhythms are all out of alignment. So you won’t be able to start on your stuff when you want to start, etc.

You see, you are not some sort of robot that can be switched on and off at the press of a button. Everything in the body is adjusted to a certain biological schedule – eating, sleeping, energy levels, best times to train and so forth.

So, frequent all nighters disturbs this rhythm. Everything gets shifted around and readjusted.

Be Well Rested for Optimal Performance

This one is obvious. Reaching your goals is a matter of daily progress. Small incremental advancements take you closer and closer to your desired result.

rest is important for recovery
Recovery is very important for your progress. And, if you wake up in a productive state and in top mental and physical shape, you will make a killing on your daily progress.

In fact, I try to do most of the important stuff for the day as early as possible, because my energy levels are highest in the morning. If you are a mess when you get up, it will be another day that didn’t get you a step closer to where you want to get.

Don’t Mess with Growth Hormone Secretion

While you sleep there is a natural human growth hormone (HGH) spike every couple of hours. It happens during the so-called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep phase. It’s a phase of complete relaxation during which your motor functions are turned off so that you don’t fall off your bed with a sudden twitch while you are dreaming.

Anyway, if you cut your sleep short by say 2-4 hours, you may completely miss one or more of these cycles because the body goes through a certain routine before entering each REM phase. You can’t just fall to sleep and go into REM mode.

Here is the scary part -you may sleep only 10-20% less and miss out on a whopping 33% of recovery. This happens because if there are 3 REM cycles for example and you mess things up and miss one, you lose a significant one third of the HGH benefits. There simply is not enough time for the full REM routine to take place. So sleepless nights equal less recovery.

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