Fat Loss and the Holidays – How to Survive

I love home made Christmas cookies almost as much as I love Christmas itself. It just wouldn’t be the same without them. Live a little and enjoy your holidays. You’ve only got so many of them.

If you are trying to improve your body and lose body fat, the holiday season can be a hard part of the year.

You can try to stay on track or at least attempt to minimize the so-called damages. I say – why not enjoy the holidays themselves, family dinners and all, and still progress on your goals. Here is how to do it.

Get in Fantastic Shape Before the Holidays

If there is some time before the big day or event, train and diet or stick to your regime like your life depends on it. Then, you can rest on the special day. You win twofold.

First, you are going to feel fantastic in your new fitter bod. Second, if you mess up your diet a bit, you will still have room for that, due to being so strict up to that point.

Reduce you food consumption the day before the holiday. It is simple really. Have a light dinner. Or just a salad. Take the dog for a walk instead of eating one of your meals.

You can fast and make yourself a few hot cups of tea or some mineral water with lime juice.

Go Easy With Those Snacks

Save the heavy stuff for dinner. Create some caloric deficit by going light throughout the day. It would be better to slightly under eat cause you are going to enjoy a nice big and delicious holiday dinner anyway.

Why not prepare yourself to enjoy it fully. Now, here comes the most important part.

Dieting and holidays – forget about it! On the day of the holiday – no diet, no restrictions, no nothing. Enjoy it.

You know, life is way too short for you not to cherish the special events and moments with your beloved people and friends. Plus, Christmas cookies are awesome.

Cookies by Tim