How to Get a Body Like Olivia Wilde in Tron – Her Weight Training and Cardio Workouts

Olivia Wilde likes to maintain a healthy weight -she’s 110lbs. But for Tron: Legacy she had to go the extra mile and get super fit to be able to wear the hot Tron suit.

No doubt many of you’ve already seen the smash hit Tron and Olivia Wilde’s body hugging outfit that forced her to keep a steady weight during filming so she could fit in the suit.

Questions is – how did Olivia Wilde prepare for the role of sexy warrior Quorra in Tron. The answer is that she worked her ass off. She would be in the gym five or six days each week. Her workout included a mixture of cardio training, lifting weights and also martial arts.

Olivia Wilde’s Weight Training and Cardio Workout

In her own words, she was pretty fit. The 26 year old hired a personal trainer with whom she spend 5-6 days per week doing cardio and three days per week lifting weights as well as kicking and punching.

Weights will give a toned, hard look to the muscles, while both martial arts and cardio training burn tons of calories and eliminate the little body fat that she had under her skin.

She would train for hours every day, getting super early in the morning for her workouts, before going to work. Her workout gave results. Olivia Wilde toned her muscles like never before.

A Workout for the Slim and Feminine Physique

Here’s workout I recommend for women who want to get that extra-hard body that you just can’t get from doing cardio alone. The program is called Visual Impact for Women and is designed to give you a slim, tight, feminine body that looks hot in clothes and rocking at the beach.

As many A-list Hollywood actors, Olivia Wilde likes to stay in great shape year round. This makes getting in incredible shape for a role like the one in Tron much easier.

Olivia usually does a lot of yoga, pilates and spinning and, being vegan, emphasizes fruits and veggies. Yoga and pilates are good for her posture and for toning the core muscles of the lower back, stomach and thighs.

Once Filming Wrapped, Olivia Eased Up on Her Workouts

Once or twice a year it’s OK to go all in and train and diet hard to get in amazing shape. But even Olympic athletes take longer periods of rest after competition. Scaling up and down on your workouts is a great way to stay fresh and motivated.

That goes for dieting super hard too. After Tron, Wilde could finally afford eating past and home cooked meals since she didn’t need to get into the Tron suit any more.

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