The Best Pushup Workout Routine in the Universe

So I was watching the fantastic Batman Begins and got inspired to create new pushup workout; I came up with what I consider the best pushup workout routine. And I’ve tried many, many pushup routines. Hey, if pushups are good enough for Bruce Wayne, they are good enough for me.

They are making a third Batman movie with Christian Bale. I’m stoked. As a side note – if you haven’t seen Batman Begins, please do so. It is even better on my second viewing.

Back to pushups. Why do I consider this routine the best one? It works fast, it is flexible – adapts to your schedule. It avoids overuse injuries. And, you can take it as far as you decide.

The Best Pushup Workout Routine

  • Train every other day. This ensures a lot of progress and a lot of rest for your ligaments and tendons. These are the real roadblocks because they recover slowly.
  • Rest on Sunday Please, at least once a week, just go for a walk in the sun (or rain). Your body and mind need to rest. Especially your mind.
  • Every set is a new record.Every set you will ever perform should be better than the last one by 1-5 reps. Obviously at first the jumps will be higher – for example set 1 – 10 reps, set 2 – 15 reps.
  • Do chest dominant pushups So the grip is slightly wider than shoulders. The chest is a huge muscle compared to the triceps which is the limiting factor in shoulder grip pushups.
  • Rest 5 minutes – rest between sets should be 3-5 or more minutes. Basically you should rest completely.
  • Do 2-3 sets. You will do mini workouts of 2-3 sets. I personally do only 2 sets. The first set will be a personal record. The second set will beat the first set.
  • Many mini workouts – fit as many of these 2 or 3 set workouts in your day as possible. For example 2 workouts – morning and evening. Or more – if time permits.
  • The repetition method you will get stronger using the repetition method. The effort in the last reps is what counts. Note that the rest between sets and between mini workouts should be as big as practically possible.
  • Three weeks on, one off – I’ve talked about this before. Fatigue piles on in the body, so you can’t train with this intensity forever. So rest for a week and start over. You will start over usually lower than the last training week but it’s ok.
  • Adapt – if you do other training, do pushups on push day or chest day, etc.
  • Optimal hand position – as I wrote above, the pushups should be chest dominant. How to find you best stance? Lie on your stomach and then place your hands on the ground to push yourself off in the most comfortable position. This is your pushup position.
  • Tempo – the tempo is fast but controlled. Slower descent and fast elevation.
batman pushups

Just Batman doing pushups

Note: Coach Paul Wade just released the sequel to his body weight training masterpiece Convict Conditioning.

This one is called Convict Conditioning 2 and covers things like L-sit progressions (which I listed here), grip training with pullup bar holds, joint health, calf training and much much more. I’ve already got it and am very happy with this addition to my fitness library.

Here is a summary of the best pushup workout routine – do 2-3 sets with 3-5 minutes of rest in between with as many reps as possible, beating your record each time; train as many times as you can in a given day, train every other day and rest on Sunday and every 4th week.